Interview mit Speedrunner „Raiker Z“

Ich habe euch etwas besonderes versprochen und hier ist es: Ein Interview mit dem Speedrunner, der den lang erwarteten 100% Run von Paper Mario beendet hat, bekannt unter dem Nick „Raiker Z“ (IzikiZara auf YouTube ). Wer Paper Mario etwas kennt, weiss wie viele Dinge es da zu Sammeln gibt. 16 Super-Blöcke, 80 Orden und 160 Sternsplitter sind eine Menge. Gute Planung ist daher Pflicht! Auch Luck-Manipulation wird hier bis aufs Äusserste betrieben, gerade in den Kämpfen. Dort gibt es nämlich einen Orden, welcher bewirkt, dass die Gegner Mario durch Zufall verfehlen können. Was Raiker also macht, könnt ihr euch denken. Er manipuliert dies durch Reloading, um alle Kämpfe in kürzester Zeit zu gewinnen. Dieser Run ist sehr unterhaltsam, wenn man sich dieser Dinge bewusst ist! Tatsächlich war es für mich der Run, den ich dieses Jahr mit der meisten Spannung erwartete. Ich habe den Fortschritt auf SDA regelmässig verfolgt. Daher freut es mich besonders, dass ich die Gelegenheit hatte, mit dem Runner zu sprechen:

Congrats Raiker, you’ve finished the first 100% speedrun of Paper Mario! Anyone who’s familiar with this game knows how hard the route planning and the luck-manipulation must have been. How do you feel?

Relieved mostly, I’m happy to have finished of course, but just being done is a huge relief, it was a long run.

Why did you choose exactly this game to run and 100% as the category?

Originally I had planned to do the any%, I remembered how unimpressive it was and thought that I could improve it. When I looked at it again though I found out that Noisecrash had already improved it, after that I just fell into planning a 100% for it and went with it.

Were there any moments you just wanted to throw the game in a corner and give up?

There wasn’t really a moment when I planned to quit, but just about every segment that took more then 50 tries made me want to break the game. I hate power bounces and all the luck that is needed to do this game quickly when segmented.

How long do you speedrun games? How did it all start?

This is actually my first real speed run I started about a year ago with planning this, now I have this on youtube, I plan to submit to SDA and I race Super Mario 64. Before this I always liked to see how fast I could do things, and I enjoyed watching speedruns and learning new strategies for games I thought I knew.

What are your favorite games?

My 5 favorite games are: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars, Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: OoT, Super Mario Bros 3, and Paper Mario. I race Super Mario 64, I may start racing SMB3, and of course I have my Paper Mario speed run. As for SMRPG and OoT I enjoy playing those casually, the speedruns of those are insane.

Do you watch many speedruns, real or TAS? Do you have some favorites?

I watch both regular and tool-assisted speedruns, I don’t really have favorites anymore, I watch almost any that I see. I guess if I had to say AndrewG’s Super Mario Bros, run and Essentia’s Donkey Kong Country 2 run in the Classic Games Done Quick marathon are extremely impressive. As for TAS I’m excited for any SM64 120 TAS that is being worked on, the run is outdated because tricks and routes are constantly being changed in that game so noone has created a new one in a while.

What are your interests besides games?

Mostly programming and spending time with friends, otherwise I race games and watch speedruns/RTA’s a lot.

Will you get the new Paper Mario?

I plan to for the 3DS, I may work on a speedrun but it won’t be recorded, I don’t have a way to record for handheld games. I’m hoping I can work with somebody that can so we can get a speedrun of that game online though, I’ll be a little disappointed if its just a copy of Paper Mario, it looks like a whole new game though.

Are there any plans for new speedruns? Maybe Paper Mario 2 on Gamecube? I’m looking forward to seeing them!

I may do more, I plan to continue racing, but as for a recorded speedrun to post onto a site, I may, but I don’t have plans to right now. Paper Mario: TTYD isn’t very good to speedrun in my opinion. Being able to buy enough power rushes to 1 hit any enemy is pretty boring after the first few times.

Thank you very much for the interview and good luck for all your future projects!

by Andypanther

4 Antworten zu “Interview mit Speedrunner „Raiker Z“

  1. Danke Andy noch für die Verlinkung des Videos =) Der Anfang ist jedoch weil es Tutorial Charakter hat noch nicht so haarsträubend =P
    –> Und wie sieht es mit dir aus? Andy du wolltest doch auch mal was versuchen?

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