Interview mit Mike „Mikeyburger3“ Sheard

Mike „Mikeyburger3“ Sheard ist die unumstrittene Nr. 1 in Sachen Star Wars Episode I: Racer (kurz SWE1R), ein Spiel, das zwar nicht viele kennen, aber mehr Ehre durchaus verdient hätte. Jeder, der es schon einmal gespielt hat, weiss wie schwer dieser Podracer zu meistern sein kann – kein Wunder bei Geschwindigkeiten über 1000 km/h und tückischen, kurvenreichen Strecken. Da Mike aber mit den Reflexen eines Jedi ausgestattet ist, ist er in der Lage, selbst unmöglich erscheinende Zeiten aufzustellen – echte Konkurrenz ist nicht in Sicht. Für die Rekordjagd verwendet er die PC-Version, welche den anderen in allen Belangen überlegen ist, sowohl technisch, als auch von der Steuerung. Leider werdet ihr seine Videos nicht „offiziell“ auf SDA finden, da SDA diese wegen mangelnder Bildqualität abgelehnt hat. Aus diesem Grund verwaltet Mike die Rekorde nun selbst.
Trotz dieser unglaublichen Leistungen bekommt der YouTube-Channel „Mikeyburger3“ nur eine vergleichsweise geringe Zahl Views von einer kleinen Fangemeinde. Da ich mich auch zu dieser zähle, dachte ich, es wäre Zeit diesen Gamer zu würdigen – und zwar mit dem ersten „Top Player-Interview“ auf Nerdy By Nerds!

Mike, how did you start to play games and SWE1R in particular?

I only seriously got into gaming or more competitive gaming recently since I like a challenge. Star Wars Racer is a game I have played on and off for years, and I really like it.

What’s the record you’re most proud of?

Can’t say for certain, I don’t think I have set it yet. Couldn’t say for sure, but If I had to choose probably my sub 30 second Lap on the Boonta training course, because I am the only person to achieve that time (legitimately).

Sadly, most players don’t know anything about this game. This means that your videos will never get much views, beside those you get from your small fanbase. How do you still get the motivation to try new records?

I think like everything it is about what you enjoy, and when it comes to gaming this is as good as it gets for me, I like competing, and as long as I have a small fanbase thats all I need for motivation, espeshally after a hard day when I need a good days Gaming!

Personally, I think one of the main reasons for the lack of popularity this game has, results from the difficulty. There are some tracks that are just way too hard and frustrating, which caused many players to give up.

I agree, I have heard that difficulty of the game can be quite challenging, however I was very impressed with the games graphics (PC espeshally) and with a little effort, you really REALLY get the reward on such courses.

What do you think is the best thing about SWE1R? What makes it different from other scifi-racers such as F-Zero or Wipeout?

SWE1R is just such a good game, the graphics, the physics, and its just completely original, best racing game I have ever played and you can really get a feel for the controls. I doubt actually pod-racing would differ much, if at all!

Have you ever played SWE1R on other devices, such as the N64 or even Dreamcast?

I have played the nintendo version of the game as a one off about a year ago, and I must say despite the poorer graphics, It is still VERY good

What are your other favorite video games besides SWE1R?

I’m really not sure, I like a lot of games given the right mood, I also play worms, starfighter (recently), Descent 3 is one of my favorites also and I’m sure there are some others.

What are your interests other than playing video games?

I am also a competitive sportsman and have competed for Great Britain on several occasions in Israel and Sweden, I am currently training for a national competition in April. I also study chemistry, physics and maths at A level where my main interests are mechanics and physics.

Would you like to get some new challengers? What advice would you give to them?

I would love and welcome any new challengers; my advice for this game is TRY IT! Give it a really good go, because it is WORTH the effort!

You are holding every single SWE1R PC world record. Are there still some goals in SWE1R worth endless hours of practice? Or maybe in other games?

No record is really unbeatable and thus I could continuously beat my records or most of them, but my interest is just to prove one way or another that I have fully fulfilled this game, and achieved everything I want to on it. Gaming is a very personal thing and when it comes to competing it’s just as much to beat yourself as your opponent. The only thing I miss which I would REALLY like to try would be to have a massive online multi-player race, which I have never done! In terms of specific times, I really want to master my boonta training course record to make it something particually special, and just focus on that one goal, Idears and brains are just as important as actual skill its’self and I think since I spent some time thinking about this is the main reason I have the upper hand on a lot of gamers. And in other games would be to complete them🙂.

Thank you very much for this interview and good luck pushing the poor game to it’s limits!

by Andypanther

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